<h3>High Street Bus Stop</h3><p>Lovely White Lavender </p> <h3>Newport Church</h3><p>A challenging site with wind and shade, but found some happy plants!</p> <h3>Telford Pier</h3><p>Silver and cerise</p> <h3>Below the Tay Bridge </h3><p>Boat and 3 tiered planter</p> <h3>Ledge at Vital Hike business</h3><p>Evergreen tiny trees, red verbena and pelargoniums </p> <h3>Horse Drinking Trough</h3><p>Silver grass, dark red persicaria and orange montbretia</p> <h3>Coronation Gardens</h3><p>Herb Tub</p> <h3>At Rio Community Centre </h3><p>Barrier basket corner</p> <h3>Boat Brae Corner</h3><p>Boat and barrier baskets </p> <h3>In Bloom Plant Stall</h3><p>Newport Summer Festival</p> <h3>Planter by Beehive Nursery </h3><p>Honeyish coloured planting, the Nemesis is called Plums & Custurd , and smells of them too!</p> <h3>Hanging Basket</h3><p>Newport Church grounds, Scott Street Corner</p>