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BBC Radio 4

High Street Bus Stop

Lovely White Lavender 

Newport Church

A challenging site with wind and shade, but found some happy plants!

Telford Pier

Silver and cerise

Below the Tay Bridge

Boat and 3 tiered planter

Ledge at Vital Hike business

Evergreen tiny trees, red verbena and pelargoniums 

Horse Drinking Trough

Silver grass, dark red persicaria and orange montbretia

Coronation Gardens

Herb Tub

At Rio Community Centre

Barrier basket corner

Boat Brae Corner

Boat and barrier baskets 

In Bloom Plant Stall

Newport Summer Festival

Planter by Beehive Nursery

Honeyish coloured planting, the Nemesis is called Plums & Custurd , and smells of them too!

Hanging Basket

Newport Church grounds, Scott Street Corner

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