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bloom head

Wormit Summer 2017

Taybridgehead Boat

The ceramic fish we attached were made by pupils from Wormit, Newport and Gauldry Schools. Don't they look great?

Taybridgehead Boat with Fish attached

A better shot with the Lobelia in bloom

Flass Road Boat

This boat was planted by the Wormit Beavers Group with Marguerites, Surfinias Petunias and Cineraria - haven't they done well!

Westacres Boat

This boat contains some of our sustainable planting - with funds becoming scarcer we are trialling some perennial plants in this boat

Wormit School

Nemesia, Osteospermum and Diacia

Wormit Tennis Courts

Marguerites and Begonias

Stanford Motors

Cosmos, Nemesia and Diacia

Westacres Benches

Nemesia, Osteospermum, and Diacia

Main Road Bench

Nemesia and Diacia

Kilmany Road

Nemesia and Diacia

Spar Shop

Nemesia and Diacia

Wormit Spar

Nemesia and Diacia

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