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Wormit Spring 2017

The prolonged dry spell in spring meant that many of our displays did not last as long as we had hoped, but we hope you enjoyed them anyway.

A varied selection of Pansies in the Bridgehead boat

2017 wormit spring bridgehead boat

Purple and yellow Pansies along with sustainable planting in the Westacres boat

2017 wormit spring Westacres boat

More varied Pansies in the Flass Road boat

2017 wormit spring flass rd boat

Purple and yellow Pansies at the Spar shop - spring bulbs from the previous year gave a good display

2017 wormit spring spar

Varied Pansies in the Westacres planter - we particularly liked the 'faces' on the ones at the front

2017 spring wormit westacres

One of the Kilmany Road planters with mixed Pansies - the red ones provide a nice contrast

2017 spring wormit Kil rd 2

The tulips were just going back when we took this photo on Kilmany Road, but had been lovely

2017 spring wormit kil rd 1

These blue and yellow Pansies made a lovely display at the planter above the tennis courts

2017 wormit spring tennis courts
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