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Tay Road Bridge 50th Anniversary

The Group in 2015 that we wished to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Tay Road Bridge using the boat palnters beside the Bridges.  We wanted to involve both local primary schools and local community groups.  In February 2016 the young people in thr primary schools were given the brief for our competition to design panels which would be transferred onto our sails using a batik technique.   The competition closed and 7 panel designs were chosen as winners from each primary school, with each an overall winner for which prizes were presented. The sails were recycled sheets and the masts recycled wind surfer poles.  One of our members drew the designs onto the sails and a sub group waxed the winning panel designs onto the sails in preparation for the applying of the batik paint in school.  Then more stitching and  waterproofing and  the sails were hoisted on 17 August 2016 with friendly technical assistance.  We are sure you will agree that they look fantastic.  

We are also grateful to the Newport Brownies who did a sterling job in making bunting for the Road Bridge area, Manna Be Creative Knitting Group and Newport Nifty Knitters who made the bunting which we decorated some of our other boats/planters with.  Read on to see how the project took shape.

2016 fundraiser sail

In the beginning . . .

A sheet waiting, and then another ...

2016 fundraiser display 1

Then there was a design competition

2016 fundraiser display 2

The Designs were drawn onto the sheets, then outlined in hot wax in a Wormit attic.

Sail Preparation
2016 Sail Painting15

Just Painted

In Wormit School

The sub group later stitched gussets for mast and lower support and added contrast hemming around all edges.

Weatherproofing the sails

Weatherproofing must have worked, the sails have glowed through the rain and gleamed in sunshine!

The Anniversary Weekend

Anniversary road bridge 6

Stunning planting in blues, silvers and white a cool watery looking contrast to the vibrantly patterned sail.

Anniversary road bridge2

Newport Brownie Pack's Bunting

What a job the Brownies did. Below are some pictures showing close ups of the bunting.

Blowing in the wind

Anniversary bunting 1
Anniversary bunting 2

Attractive design

Another attractive design

Anniversary bunting 3
Anniversary trinity1

Manna Be Creative Group

This group produced bunting in colours of the sea to fit with our sailing theme.

The Manna planter

Anniversary manna planter
Anniversary flass rd

The Flass Road boat

The two tier planter at the top of the

High Street

Anniversary high st planter
Anniversary boat brae

Newport Nifty Knitters

We thought that this bunting was the most effective - bright and colourful, drawing attention to our floral displays. This is the Westwater Place boat.

Our sustainably planted boat at Boat Brae.

Anniversary westacres

All in all it was a very successful weekend and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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