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2016 Summer Wormit

This year we took on board feedback received from the community that a change from begonias was needed.  We picked a new colour scheme of blue, yellow and white, choosing plants which would attract bees and other pollinators.  I think you'll agree our planning has paid off - but do provide your feedback by visiting the contact us page.

2016 Summer Wormit welcome sign

Welcome Sign

A mix of small begonias and cineraria planted by Fife Council welcome all to the village.

Kilmany Road

There are two planters beside the bus shelter and two opposite. These planters were planted with the assistance of local residents and watered and dead-headed by them.

2016 Summer Wormit bus shelter
2016 Summer Wormit kilmany rd opp bus1

These tubs have done very well thanks to the efforts of local residents.

2016 Summer Wormit kilmany rd opp bus2
2016 Summer Wormit kilmany rd browns

This planter has become host to an ants nest!

2016 Summer Kilmany Rd Peters
2016 Summer Wormit Spar1

Wormit Spar

This year we have experimented by leaving the daffodil and tulip bulbs in these three planters. If it works, this will save a lot of time and effort in digging in the bulbs in spare ground and lifting them in the autumn for replanting.

2016 Summer Wormit Spar2
2016 Summer Wormit Spar3

We added some of the spare trailing plants to these tubs and think they look good. What do you think? Do let us know by visiting our Contact page.

Wormit Tennis Courts

We were lucky to capture this photograph on a morning when the water gave a mirror image of the rail bridge and Dundee.

2016 Summer Wormit tennis courts3
2016 Summer Wormit Bridgehead Pl plus hanging

Bridgehead Place

You may have noticed that the planting in this boat is slightly different. We have chosen low growing plants, in blue white and silver planted in waves to represent the sea. Do keep an eye on this boat on the weekend of 17 August to see the sail which Wormit Primary Schoolchildren designed and applied batik dye to.

2016 Summer Wormit Birkhill Ave

Wormit Garages

Stanford Motors

These planters have been very dry this summer and we've had to replace some of the plants.

2016 Summer Wormit Stanford Motors
2016 Summer Wormit school two planters

Wormit School

These planters have done well. Look below to see the bee and hoverfly which were on the plants when we photographed the planters.


2016 Summer Wormit school bee
2016 Summer Wormit hoverfly school


Flass Road Boat

This year we had assistance from Wormit Beavers in planting up this boat. We think they did well. What do you think? Please visit our Contact page to let us know.

2016 Summer planting Beavers2
2016 Summer planting Beavers4

The finished boat.

2016 Summer Wormit Flass Rd boat
2016 Summer Wormit Westwater Pl boat

We acquired a new boat this summer from local joiner and builder Scott Dempster and have located it on the grass near to the entrance to Westwater Place. We hope you like the planting in it.

Member of the community's wildflowers

A gift was made by a committee member of wildflower seeds as vegetables were not being grown by this householder this year. The result is fantastic, and when we visited it was buzzing with wildlife. It is not a large planting area, so it just shows what you can do with a few packets of wildflower seeds. Why don't you try creating a small space for wildflowers next year?

2016 Summer Wormit bill garden
2016 Summer Wormit bill poppy

One of the beautiful poppies with a visiting bee.

2016 Summer Wormit wildlife gdn1

Wormit Wildlife Garden

Our award winning Wormit Wildlife Garden is looking great at the moment. We saw lots of wildlife when we visited, including the honey bee below which was on the wild marjoram and the wasp in the log pile. The owner is always pleased to have visitors. Just use the Contact page and we can put you in touch if you'd like to visit.

Bees just love Borage - did you know that you can freeze the flowers in ice cube trays and add them to your summer drinks?

2016 Summer Wormit wildlife gdn2
2016 Summer Wormit wildlife gdn3

Not everyone likes the smell of this plant, but it is widely used in the perfume industry - Clary Sage.

Wasp in log pile

2016 summer Wormit wildlife wasp
2016 Summer Wormit wildlife honey bee

Honey bee on Wild Marjoram

We hope you enjoy the displays in the village.  Remember to look at the Bridgehead boat and planters on the weekend of 17 August when our sail will be hoisted for the Tay Road Bridge Anniversary celebrations.

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