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Wormit Spring 2016

Let us take you on a tour through the lovely floral displays in Wormit. Most are planted by Newport and Wormit in Bloom, and some are general planting areas to which we may have added some spring bulbs.  Please take a moment to give us your feedback on what you think of these displays. You can do this by completing the form on our Contact page or by completing the survey at the bottom of our home page

2016 spring westwater place

Main Road

A lovely spot to have a seat.

Flass Road Boat

Not quite in full bloom, but we decided to try Bellis along with daffodils in this boat. What do you think?

2016 spring wormit flass rd boat
2016 spring wormit school1

Wormit School

Didn't our able Wormit Primary helpers do well?

Also Wormit School

With help from the pupils this display is looking good.

2016 spring wormit school2
2016 spring wormit school bed

Wormit School Garden

Bees just love these early spring flowers.

Flass Road Daffodils

Another nice spot for a seat and to enjoy the lovely daffodils and the view.

2016 spring wormit flass rd
2016 spring wormit main rd

Main Road Daffodils

Always a pretty sight driving along the main road.

Tennis Courts

Our planters at the tennis courts always have people stopping to admire them, and of course the lovely view.

2016 spring wormit tennis court
2016 Spring Tennis Courts Honey Bee in flower

Tennis Courts Flowers attracting Bees

Lovely to find the bees enjoying our Hyacinths.

Another Bee

We try to choose bulbs which will provide early pollen for the bees, as well as giving a lovely perfume.

2016 Spring Tennis Courts Bumble Bee
2016 spring wormit Stanford

Stanford Motors

A host of lovely daffodils.

Wormit Spar

Dainty display of daffodils.

2016 wormit spring spar
2016 spring wormit garages

Bottom of Birkhill Avenue

Lovely daffodils by a seat with a great view.

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