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Wormit 2015 Summer Displays

Although this sumner has not been a good one, our floral displays have done well.  They've needed a lot of watering as there hasn't been that much rain.

2015 Wormit tennis court summer

Window boxes at tennis court.

We are pleased with our hot colour combination of the deep pink surfinia petunias and the apricot begonias.

Here's another view of them with the lovely view behind.

2015 Summer Tennis Courts Baskets
2015 Summer bridgehead Boat and baskets


This year we planted with begonias all the one shade.

Westwater Place

Our containers here are again lovely and the colours of the begonias compliment each other

2015 Summer Police Station
2015 Summer Police Station2

Here's another view.

Wormit Spar

This year we decided to try a vegetable/herb planter at the local shop. In it was parsley, basil, mizuna, lettuce and mangetout peas. All the plants were grown from seed and the plants fertilised with seaweed feed. Members of the public were invited to sample/taste.

2015 Summer Spar Veg Planter
Stanford garage tubs 2015

Stanford Motors

These tubs have done well this year and the two tone colouring of the begonias works well.

Wormit Primary School

again the two tone begonias have provided a fantastic display here.

Wormit Primary School tub(2)  2015
Wormit Primary School tub 2015

Wormit Primary School

Another view

A lovely welcome to the village

2015 Summer Kilmany Rd entrance sign

One of the planters at the well used bus stop

2015 Summer Kilmany Road bus stop
2015 Summer Kilmany Road wildflowers

A beautiful display thanks to the effort of a local resident

Another planter with wildflowers planted by another local resident in the background

2015 Summer Kilmany Road Wormit Hill
2015 Summer Kilmany Road wildflowers in garden

And one of the local resident's own garden filled with wildflowers

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