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 Newport & Wormit in Bloom Website


Newport on Tay and Wormit are 2 villages spanning the land between the Road and Rail Bridges. A stunning setting on the north Fife shore of the Tay estuary with a long association with the the Ferry route and Railway line connecting Fife to Dundee and beyond.

  • The In Bloom Groups are run by volunteers and rely on the assistance of others to help with plants and planting in important available areas .


So what do we do?

  • Chose, acquire and place planters
  • Design, plan and execute planting for all year
  • maintain planters through the changing seasons.
  • Generate  publicity, and liaise with local groups
  • Prepare and sew wildflowers, seeds  & herb tubs
  • Help with  notable and conservation areas
  • Fundraise and funding applications 
  • Prepare for  Beautiful Fife  Competition
  • Watering with our second hand bowser or by other means
  • Promote sustainable, responsible methods
  • and also run the Committee



The group is entirely run by volunteers in their own time and all costs have to be met by fund raising, donations and the grants for which we apply.  So if you would like to support us by helping or by donating then please go to the contacts page or send donations to:

  •  the Treasurer, R Hepburn, 7 West Road, Newport on Tay.  DD6 8HH



We have a Facebook page  facebook.com/newportwormitinbloom




Newport War Memorial

Survey on Spring and Summer Planting

Please complete our survey on the spring and summer planting.

Please click below to go to the survey page


We took part in the Newport Festival on Saturday 17 June 2017 outside Tatha Gallery. We had plants for sale and a children and young people's Miniature Garden Competition.  

URGENT ! Your villages need you. We are looking for new members for our group, anyone with a tow bar on their car who could help take out the bowser to water the containers and anyone willing to help plant/water.  If you can help in any way please get in touch through the contact page.

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